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Our business model


We provide for the Changing Pharmaceutical Market in which usually the Manufacturer no longer produce the Active Ingredients for their medicinal products on their own but for efficiency reason obtain these from specialized companies


These suppliers are mainly based in Asia and South America, where they are subject to the Production, Quality and Safety requirements of their own regions. On the Whole, those requirements are not identical to the Requirements of the European Union: Their analysis certification is limited to chemical composition and characterisation. From 2nd July 2013 new, stricter conditions for ingredients imported into the EU from non-EU countries come into effect.

This is where VITAL come in: we balance out conformity deficits, offer only appropriate certified ingredients and increase the Value of these ingredients through additional certification, such as by examining microbiological purity. The Advantage for our customers: you save potentially considerable costs during production by avoiding expensive sterilisation procedures. This additional service makes us stand out from other trade companies in the Pharmaceutical Industry.