• Security

    We sell security

    We are a GDP certified wholesale company offering the Pharmaceutical Industry professional solutions for an oncoming pressurizing problem: the Lack of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) and Excipiants due to european GMP-Standards.

    VITAL Pharma purchase pharmaceuticals and excipiants from audited partners from overseas, check the products conformity due to the State of the Art European guidelines and according to the Requirements of his customers, conduct additional analyses of the microbiological purity, which significantly increases the raw material’s value.

    VITAL Pharma save his customers from the complex pharmaceutical investigation procedure via reducing the Risk of Sales Suspensions or Batch Withdrawals due to quality problems. VITAL Pharma provide his customers the highest level of Quality for their API's and medicinal produtcs at a favourable price!

  • Service

    We offer service

    VITAL Pharma is GDP certified german pharmaceuticals wholesale company. We supply our certified customers with finished products. VITAL Pharma is active in the field of Drug and API registration and approval in the European Union.
  • Research

    We conduct research

    VITAL Pharma is involved in the testing of molecules. After the successful
    completion of testing we will register this new medicinal product and apply for approval.

  • Knowledge

    We share knowledge

    VITAL Pharma provides customers technological, pharmaceutical solutions and expert support in the Verification of new Products

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Willkommen bei der VITAL Pharma GmbH

Willkommen bei der VITAL Pharma GmbH